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Hero of Badang - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Badang Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD – After, Minsitthar, Hanzo, and Kadita were released, currently mobile legends has released an Advanced Server new Hero Badang. This brawny and sharp ability type fighter will become a competitor and newcomer to old heroes.

Badang Tribal Warrior Heroes Fighter of Skins Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD for PC

Selfless Badang helps others with extraordinary strength. Badang combines all his strength with his fists and performs incredible fists. Like Chou, Badang uses tough hands and has incredible super power.
Badang Tribal Warrior Heroes Fighter of Skins V1

You can try the national hero from Malaysia on Advanced Server, for Original Server there is still no further news, maybe the Mobile Legends players can’t wait to use it.

Badang – Hero Mobile Legends from Malaysia

Badang Tribal Warrior Heroes Fighter of Skins V2

“Badang is a Malay slave from Sayong Pinang, located in Johor today, Malaysia. He was the only child of two poor farmers who worked so hard that their day died. As a young man, Badang works as a porter for rich farmers who are known as Orang Kaya Nira Sura in a place called Salung or Saluang in Aceh, Sumatra (now in Indonesia). Badang is the smallest and the weakest of the group. Their job is to clear through the bush to give passages to new fields. ” Source : https://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badang

The Original Story of Badang in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

Once upon a time there was a small village located south of the Land of Dawn. The villagers are very hardworking, fishing day and night for a living. Among them was a strong person, named Badang. Enthusiastic and courageous, he tirelessly helps everyone solve their difficulties in life.

However, a strange thing happened in the village not long ago. The villagers wake up early every day to catch fish. At night, they returned empty-handed, and even their fishing gear was broken. Everyone was annoyed, thinking it was a curse from the mystical water monster. When the food supply ran low, Badang decided to help them find out the truth. He didn't believe in Water Monsters.

In the morning, Badang went fishing as usual. He came to the river near the village to set a trap. He not only placed a lot of fish, but also hid them with a giant fishing net that had been prepared in advance, trying to find out who or what was causing trouble in this village. Not long after, the river suddenly started turning, a strange creature in the river appeared beside the trap. Looking like a demon and frightening, the creature began to steal fish and destroy the traps. His eyes were fiery, with long hair and a long beard.

Badang with confidence throws a giant fishing net, trying to trap the monster. However, the monster pierced the fishing net with its large teeth and started to break free. The monster continued to attack him, but the fearless Badang jumped into battle with this terrifying Monster without hesitation. This monster's power was very strong and Badang's arm was badly injured. When the monster was about to devour Badang, he used his remaining strength to insert a fish spear into his body, and then pulled him to the river bank. After leaving the river, the Monster gradually lost its moisture and began to dry up. The monster cannot breathe for too long on land. Badang has never seen a creature like this.

Badang saw a magical gem glittering on his body. Struggling to speak, the water monster begged Badang to let him go, swearing that he was an Elf who lived in a river but underwent a terrible transformation. Once upon a time the monster headed to Southern Mountain to prey on fish but accidentally ate the fish that had been damaged by evil energy. While speaking, the monster's body slowly began to change. The water monster started vomiting all the fish it had eaten, along with the evil energy. After returning to his original form, the Water Elf thanked Badang.

After that, Badang got a strong flow of energy and his injured arm was also healed and was much stronger than before. Badang's kind heart encourages him to finally release the monster. Badang started helping the villagers day and night, and his life slowly returned to normal.

However, Badang was unable to let go of the Southern Mountain that the Beast spoke of. For the sake of the safety of his village, Badang is determined to find the source of the evil energy within the Southern Mountain and travels across the island to the Land of Dawn.

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