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Hero of Faramis - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD this time wants to share the latest Hero Wallpaper from #MLBB, Faramis has the power to turn on a dead hero team, this Hero one attracts the attention of #MLBB players.

Faramis The Alchemist Heroes Mage of Skins Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD for PC

The Original Story of Faramis in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

Far from Moniyan Empire stands an ancient palace. This palace has a glorious history that is comparable to Moniyan Empire. Unfortunately, this palace was destroyed in one night, as if suddenly disappearing. The tall gray walls are covered with black and dark vines, which are more frightening and strange under the moonlight. Breath of death makes the creatures that are close to this ancient building fear and avoid. It seems the owner of the palace has prepared a trap, waiting for his prey to fall.

Faramis Death Chanter Heroes Mage of Skins V1

A man wearing fur stood on a distant hill, staring at this deadly palace. He quietly mentioned the name of the palace, Necrokeep. He tried to dig up his past memories, only to be filled with pain all over his body. This pain aroused hatred in his heart. As the most prominent Magician of the time, Faramis was one of the survivors of the disaster.

Faramis Death Chanter Heroes Mage of Skins V2

Several years ago, the Queen of this palace – Vexana betrayed her soul to save the fallen king, her husband. After gaining the ability to dominate the Abyss, the entire palace was enveloped in dark energy, and the country fell into chaos. Apart from Faramis‘ efforts to save Vexana. Vexana did not look at all improved. Faramis continued to try all kinds of methods and methods, hoping to heal the ruined kingdom. Over time, the disease does not improve. On the contrary, Vexana is slowly eroded by this energy and becomes a full-blown monster. Slowly these terrible rumors spread throughout the Land of Dawn.

Faramis The Alchemist Heroes Mage of Skins V1

Moniyan Empire led the army to seize this place. For the sake of peace in this country, the Imperial Knights must destroy all infected people here. Faramis appealed to the Empire, but was rejected by him. On the contrary, the Empire Knights ignored the lives of infected people, and chained Faramis in a heavily guarded laboratory, Faramis could only see the whole palace covered with charcoal, when the Imperial Knights from Empire retired, three days later, Faramis climbed out of the ruins of the palace miraculously. The palace cannot be recognized anymore. To survive, Faramis found a Magic Book from his life record in the rubble.

Faramis The Alchemist Heroes Mage of Skins V2

During his exile, he tested all the black magic that was crazy to himself, constantly exploring the way the magic lived in his own body and creating more aggressive magic. The years of his suffering have also turned into a terrible vengeful who has never released the Warrior from the Empire. With the Book of Resurrection in his hands, he has mastered this forbidden and immature magic. However, the chain in his body reminded him of the suffering that the Empire gave him, cognizant of him for planning and fighting the Moniyan Empire for the rest of his life …

Faramis Dark Necromancher Chanter Heroes Mage of Skins Faramis Ivy Feathers Heroes Mage of Skins

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