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Hero of Harith - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Harith Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD  –  Skin collection: Time Traveler. New Harith Hero with fast cooldown so that this Hero easily kills his enemies, with Magical Damage which is quite painful making this hero look a bit overpowered for a Mage.

Harith Time Traveler Heroes Mage of Skins New Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD for PC

What’s interesting about Harith is the uniqueness of the skill that is quite advanced for those of you who like Harith don’t forget to collect the Wallpaper Skin Harith!

The Original Story of Harith in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

Legend has it that there is a race of Ancient Elves who live in the Enchanted Forest in the Land of Dawn. It is often depicted in these stories that these cat-like breeds are small, agile, playful, independent and highly educated. However, only a few are aware of the friendship between the Leonine Elves and the Moon Elves.

From childhood, Harith's abilities and wisdom have surpassed all his peers. Harith quickly became the Leonin's strongest Mage, even as strong as the other Mages in the Land of Dawn. Yet the Leonins never stepped outside the Enchanted Forest, living alone in a safe and peaceful environment.

The Leonines were so satisfied with their quiet lives that they stopped learning Magic Arts, a characteristic of the nation. Harith, who was only fifteen at the time, was dissatisfied with this situation and confidently stepped out of the Enchanted Forest to see the outside world. With high ambition and enthusiasm to learn Magic Arts, he was moved to become the leader of his nation in studying Magic.

Harith arrives in the capital city of the Land of Dawn, where he joins the human race to drive out the invasion of the Orcs. Proving himself in the battle, Harith received recognition from Tigreal, who was very fond of Harith's strong spirit and abilities. People said, Harith obtained the position of Lieutenant and would soon be appointed Imperial Master of Magic of The Moniyan Empire.

With this title Harith has special permission from the kingdom to use magic that can control time and space to release the Secrets of Dawn. From that day on, Harith proudly traveled throughout the Land of Dawn to protect all justice from the evil that exists.

Full of enthusiasm and excitement, Harith knew that once he was appointed as Master of Magic, he would be the target of public criticism. Committed to his dream of becoming the leader of his people in learning Magic, Harith fearlessly moved forward alone. As time passed, Harith realized that his life was only dedicated to carrying out the mission of the kingdom.

Harith gradually became lonely and difficult to understand. Even when he met another fellow Leonin, Nana, he could not speak easily. Although Nana shows her affection for Harith, Harith cannot show her affection for Nana again, Harith believes that to protect Nana from public criticism is to live alone. But when the kingdom needs its help in terms of magic, the Master of Magic will immediately seal the dangers of evil.
Harith EVOS Legends Heroes Mage of Skins Harith Fashion Expert Heroes Mage of Skins Harith Lightborn Inspirer Heroes Mage of Skins

Harith Savannah Cat Heroes Mage of Skins Harith Time Traveler Heroes Mage of Skins Harith Time Traveler Heroes Mage of Skins V1 Harith Time Traveler Heroes Mage of Skins V2

Harith Savannah Cat Heroes Mage of Skins V1 Harith Time Traveler Heroes Mage of Skins V3

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