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Hero of Khufra - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD wants to share latest Hero Wallpapers from #MLBB, Khufra has very unique and funny skills even though the other name is Desert Tyrant but this one Hero attracts the attention of #MLBB players. Great Hero Tank’s have skills that are very useful for the team.
Khufra Desert Tyrant Heroes Tank of Skins Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD for PC

The Original Story of Khufra in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

At the end of the Western Desert, an ancient city lies hidden between the sand. Even though centuries have passed, the sand from the desert is unable to devour this city, which stands strong and majestic amid a sea of ​​emptiness. Antiquities have long talked about this fairytale city, where the most famous ruler is none other than Khufra.

Khufra is a greedy ruler, cooler than ice, and greedy to an unlimited extent. To satisfy his personal desire for power, he led a strong Arnak army to attack the city to conquer the Western Desert. Tirelessly, Khufra expanded its unparalleled area of ​​power and wealth. Unfortunately, Minoan Empire proved to be an opponent that was too difficult to conquer. 

Even so, Khufra wants more power. He is looking for the most famous astrologer in the Land of Dawn to help him. What made Khufra disappointed, the fortune teller knew the purpose of Khufra who was dangerous and refused and was immediately killed by him. Only young Eslora felt very interested in Khufra, who later became lovers. Khufra’s ignorance sends Eslora into chaos from conflict and love. Gradually, Eslora increasingly loved Khufra and began to help Khufra with his government.
As time went on, Eslora used her magic ability to provide magical power to Khufra that had never been seen before. However, Khufra is increasingly cruel and thirsty for power. The conquest of Khufra did not end with the Western Desert, he tried to conquer the entire Land of Dawn. Seeing the cruelty of his love, Eslora decided to save Khufra from people’s hatred.

Even after that, Khufra continued to use magic to increase her strength. He asks Eslora to give all the spells to him. He must completely eliminate Minoan Empire. No one can question his strength. One night, Eslora came to Khufra and she hugged her lover tightly. He began to put Khufra under a strong curse. Khufra expects the highest strength given by Eslora.

Suddenly, Khufra felt pressured by strong strength. He turned and looked at Eslora. No matter how Khufra tried to free himself, Eslora did not stop chanting the curse. Khufra does not believe that his girlfriend punished him. Eslora cried as soon as she tied the strength she loved sealed to fall into deep sleep forever. He chose to personally seal his lover in the Ancient City and build a large monument. Eslora believed that it was better to end Khufra before he was hated by people, recorded and remembered in history as a cruel king who did not love anything as long as his power and strength. Since then, the smoke of war in the Western Desert has disappeared.

However, hundreds of years later, great events took place in the Western Desert. The energy wave of an Orb awakens Khufra from his sleep, which is filled with hatred and anger. Returning to the world, Khufra cannot accept betrayal from his lover in the past. Wherever and his desire is stronger than before. He vows to find Eslora and will continue to manifest his centuries-old desire to conquer and rule the Land of Dawn into his grasp. Eslora was the first Astrologer before Esmeralda was born. 

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