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Hero of Minsitthar - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD – this is a pretty interesting Hero Fighter! Now ML Wallpaper wants to share Minsitthar Wallpapers, definitely waiting for the new hero that MLBB will release! In the upcoming release Mobile Legends is preparing to issue a new hero, and this is the Hero Advanced Server (Experiment Server). Where this server is special and limited to everyone who wants to access it.

Minsitthar Courageous Warrior Heroes Fighter of Skins Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD for PC

In this week, this game often releases new heroes that are quite interesting, one of them is Minsitthar from Myanmar who has an extraordinary history.
After releasing the original Indonesian hero, Kadita, last week, #MLBB again released national heroes from Southeast Asian countries. This time it is Myanmar that gets a national hero allotment. He is Minsitthar, Myanmar’s national hero known as the famous king of his time.
Minsitthar is told as Prince and a strongest warrior of the Mahar Pura kingdom. His extraordinary strength earned him a reputation as a hero from the kingdom. However, he was exiled by his father because he could not fight one thing, love.
When he was estranged, the kingdom of Mahar Pura was attacked by enemies and was in danger. He also heard the news that the king Mahar the son of his own father had died. This also made him at a crossroads when his brother invited him back to fight the enemy. Had refused, finally he returned after knowing the brother was killed in a fight.
Minsitthar also managed to unite warriors and people to finish off enemies with Holy Spear weapons and the Golden Shield of his father’s legacy. Mahar Putra returned to peace in the hands of the new king.

The Original Story of Minsitthar in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

In a mysterious village in the East, there was once a Hero, "Holy Spear", Minsitthar, who had saved his kingdom from danger. He had been the Prince of Mahar Pura and served in the Forces since his youth. After growing up he was respectfully called one of one of the "Four Great Generals" of Mahar Pura with extraordinary achievements.
Minsitthar was unbeatable in battle, which earned him the trust of the King and his people. They firmly believed that Minsitthar would become King after his father. Diligent and courageous like his father, but he could not avoid falling in love with an unacceptable woman, and it made his father angry and lost all trust and hope in his son. Minsitthar learned that he had made an irreparable mistake and fled the Palace on a dark night with his servants.

This is the first time he has left his homeland. But his exile had only just begun. Years passed when Minsitthar heard that his father had died and that his kingdom was in grave danger. When he doubted whether he should appear and save his kingdom, a messenger from his brother found him. He tried to persuade Minsitthar to return and help them. Minsitthar and his brother had some disagreements in the Battlefield strategy, and his paranoid brother continued to carry out his own plans and was killed by the rebel army. Minsitthar unified troops and slaughtered all opponents with the Holy Spear inherited from his father. Mahar Pura returned to peace and calm.

Not long after that Minsitthar stepped onto the throne and became the new king of Mahar Pura. During his exile he had seen many methods of administration and he brought revolution and innovation to his empire. Not long after, Mahar Pura returned to being a prosperous kingdom.
Minsitthar Courageous Warrior Heroes Fighter of Skins Rework Minsitthar Courageous Warrior Heroes Fighter of Skins Rework V1 Minsitthar King Of War Sittha Heroes Fighter of Skins Minsitthar Gilded King Heroes Fighter of Skins V1

Minsitthar Gilded King Heroes Fighter of Skins V2 Minsitthar King Of War Sittha Heroes Fighter of Skins V1

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