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Hero of Terizla - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD this time wants to share latest Hero Wallpapers Terizla the Fighter Executor, this Hero is so attractive to players #MLBB, because it has such deadly power.

Hero of Terizla - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

The Original Story of Terizla in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

“If trust can bring love, hope, and salvation to the world, then why are there still injured souls left behind?” – This is a saying written on the stone inscription at the Monastery of Light in the Moniyan Empire. Deep inside Monastery stands an iron cage called the door to rebirth. In this cage, hidden the dark and secret history of the Empire.

When the guards opened it, all they could see was a shocking sentence written on the wall “Break the Trust”. It’s time to pay for what happened ten years ago “The world must be shrouded in darkness!”. Suddenly the faint sentence spread throughout the Moniyan Empire – Terizla fled!

Feeling reborn, Terizla stopped walking and breathed fresh air deeply, enjoying freedom while her eyes remained closed. Suddenly, his body began to hurt as if he was being beaten by thousands of needles, and his pulse began to protrude around his eyes. The skin becomes pale. There are only two feelings that he can feel right now. Pain, anger and half awareness, he lost control of his actions. He accidentally saw his ugly face, and old memories came back into his mind – And sure enough, that was a disaster.

Terizla was once the leader of blacksmiths in a small village near Moniyan Empire. They can put life into a sword, so with the help of this powerful weapon, even an ordinary soldier can kill some of the strongest opponents. Shortly after, they received good news from the Empire. The Emperor sent an envoy with the name of trust in the Lord of Light. The emperor asked the iron pandas to surrender and submit to the Empire, holding fast to the teaching tradition handed down from generation to generation. Terizla rejected them well. Confused by Terizla’s decision and repeatedly refusing to give up, the Empire visited them with a cruel surprise. All their Blueprints were stolen, and all blacksmiths were removed from history.

Terizla was arrested inside the Monastery of Light and forced to become a trial material. The experiment that made him suffer the most was – Rebirth, which made the death of other blacksmiths seem easier than what he was suffering at the moment. His memories were continually deleted but Terizla learned that someday the Empire would receive a reward for what they had done.

Swallowed by anger and misery, Terizla once again felt that his head would break anytime. Suddenly, he was surrounded by warm feelings, and a beautiful girl stood in front of him. Don’t fight it. Let hatred spread and explode in this country! If you need help, remember me Selena Abyssal Witch. His body was no longer sick, Terizla calmed down, confused and pensive.

After a while, Terizla revealed a slight smile. Staring at the Moniyan Empire from a distance, he knew that the real danger to the Empire had just arrived.

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