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Hero of Valir - Mobile Legends Wallpaper

Valir Hero of Story Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD (Android or PC) – Legend has it, that at the end of the western desert, there lies a beautiful and rich country. This fabled land is where Valir is from.

Valir Son Of Flame Heroes Mage of Skins Mobile Legends Wallpaper HD for PC

From his very first day at the magic academy, Valir’s extraordinary control over the arcane was clear for all to see. Gord, who was teaching arcane arts at the time, saw a little of himself in Valir, and began to teach the most coveted secrets of the arcane to his inquisitive pupil.

However, Gord came to regret his actions, disturbed by the negative energy that began to radiate from Valir and his violent tendencies. Eventually, Valir started combining the ancient flame spells from his desert homeland with arcane power to create a unique form of arcane flame magic. Gord felt he had betrayed himself, allowing his pure arcane wisdom to be tarnished by these wild flames from an unknown land.

Valir Son Of Flame Heroes Mage of Skins

Enraged, Gord attempted to remove the power of flame from Valir’ body. Valir resisted with all his might, and half of the academy was destroyed in the ensuing battle. At the end of the fracas, Gord was left feeling somewhat proud that Valir’ arcane flame magic could hold up against his own pure arcane power. In the end, Valir left the academy, and Gord began working on creating a flying machine fueled by arcane energy, intent on searching the world for a new apprentice.

The Original Story of Valir in the Story Mobile Legends: Bang – Bang

Southwest of the Land of Dawn lies an active volcano that carries deadly dangers to all who dare to approach it. "Inferno of Fire", is how people call this place. This place was also known as a testing ground for mages who wanted to master fire spells. After leaving the Magic Academy, Valir lived there for five years carrying his ten-year promise to Vale. He hoped that the day would come sooner, but at the same time, he also hoped that that day would never come. One day, Valir cast his Arcane fire magic towards a volcano but the result didn't live up to his expectations.
# In the Western Desert, there is a man who is looking for Valir. The years of betrayal were something he could never forgive. With great anger and hatred, and in order to maintain the reputation of the Magic Academy, he decided to track down the traitor. As he felt the power of Arcane being released from the volcano, he smiled.

Staying in "Inferno of Fire" for too long brought changes to Valir's body. His skin was burned by volcanic flames, but in order to become the Son of Flame, he had to combine his Arcane fire magic power with flames from the volcano. His body and will had to withstand the test of this hot Lava. Suddenly, a strong wind blew, bringing a familiar feeling to Valir. Vale has arrived! They haven't seen each other since childhood. This encounter led to the first fight between them, between fire and wind. Windtalker and Son of Flame unleashed all their magic to attack each other. They didn't say a word, but they had the same thought - they didn't want to kill each other. However, their battle resulted in immense power, which made the volcano's state worse. If these volcanoes erupt, they will surely die in the eruption.

There are only five years left - can't you wait, Vale !?

Before Vale said anything, Valir heard a familiar voice, it was Gord's voice. Gord's presence interrupted the fight between the two brothers. He wanted to erase Arcane Valir's magic, because in his opinion, his pure Arcane wisdom shouldn't be tainted. However, the Arcane Spell he used on Valir was stopped by Vale. Vale turned sympathetic after seeing Valir's tormented body. He didn't want anyone to hurt his brother. However, Valir did not need such sympathy. One of them is his teacher who wants to destroy his students because of his betrayal. And the other one is his closest brother. However, he is also the son of the man who killed Valir's father.

#The holy fire will never go out. Valir managed to combine his Arcane fire magic power with flames from the volcano and released a powerful energy. With this power, Lava becomes unstable. Meanwhile, Valir acquired a strong body and his eyes turned red like fire. At that moment, Vale could understand his father's concern. This power took Gord by surprise, and as his teacher, he felt it would be better to kill his disciple than to have him possessed by this insane force.

The flames of Valir, the winds of Vale, and the power of the Arcane Gord exacerbated the state of the volcano, causing a violent collapse. After that, Vale and Gord tried to find Valir, but they couldn't find him. Vale knows that in his heart Valir is still alive, and their ten year promise has not been broken. In just five years Valir becomes stronger, what will happen after the next five years? Vale realized that the next time they met, the meeting would no longer be friends and relatives. On the contrary, the meeting would be the greatest battle of their lives.

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